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Leovit Weight maintenance package with 72 products included


1. Basic menu for 5 days of nutrition (31 poducts in the box)
2. Mediterranean menu for 5 days of nutrition (30 poducts in the box)
3. Leovit Coffee-Cappuchino for burning fats (7 bags package)
4. Leovit Kissel Detox (400gr package, enought for 20 days of use)
5. Leovit Compote for loosing weight (400gr package, enought for 20 days of use)
6. 2x MegaSlim capsules for fat burn with optimineral complex (30 capsules, 15 days of use)

Supes, stews, main dishes, drinks and sweets included for every day supplemented nutrition.
Preparation with boiling water.

Suitable for those who have used main diet course. Used for weight maintenance.
Expected results: Weight control
Benefits: Improved blood image results; Better digestion; Weight normalisation; Insuline normalisation; Nutrient enrichment; Gormone normalisation. (Individual parameters vary for each person.)

Detailed description of products below ↓↓↓


Leovit Basic menu for 5 days

Program duration: 5 days

Products in package: 31 pieces

Average weight loss: -2 kg per week (according to clinic tests)

Results of losing weight of our users: 3-5 kg in 5 days. Better results are achieved with
MegaSlim capsules for diet support
Qualities: Outstanding taste of every meal and drink. It was created as assemblage of most popular Leovit meals.

Menu in this programme:

Cream mushroom soup
Siberian borscht with meat and vitamins
Pea chorba
Chicken soup
Miso soup

Main meals
Noodles with chicken and vegetables (Itamemono)
Potato with chicken
Chicken paella
Pasta with mushrooms
Potato with crouton and patience dock
Potato with golden onion
Noodles with fish and sauce
Rise with mushrooms and vegetables
Homemade buckwheat

Kissel “Detox”
Compote “Pohudin”
Cappuccino “Cofee for weight lose (complex for fat
Tea “Pohudin” (complex for fat burning)

Fruit bar “Detox complex

Basic menu is made toward to selection of most popular meals of other menus and
measured toward to calorie intake of 360-470 kcal per day. This is the diet of balanced
tastes and it can be used by everyone who likes European mixed cuisine. Select Basic menu as Stage 2 (afer body detoxification). Results of losing weight with Basic menu could be improved if the program is combined with capsules of vitamin mineral complex MegaSlim, as ideal support of all kinds of diets in order for better fat burning, body
nutrition, key important nutrients and prevention of uncontrolled desire for food. This nutrition program does not require radical restrictions in nutrition. It is optimal for gradually weight loss and it is natural for organism. It helps in reducing the perimeter of stomach and in forming correct habits in nutrition.

Mediterranean menu for 5 days

Program duration: 5 days
Products in package: 30 pieces
Average weight loss: about 4kg per week (according to Russian clinical research)
Weight loss results of our users: 3-6 kg per 5 days, better results are achieved with
MegaSlim capsules for diet support
Qualities: The most efficient menu of Stage 2 with food of Spanish, Italian and French kitchen!

Menu in this programme:

Soups and chorbas
Chicken cream soup
Italian mushrooms soup
Mushroom cream soup
Soup with white onion on Madrid way
Tomatoes cream soup on Tuscan way

Kissel Detox
Cappuccino “Cofee for weight loss” (fat burning
Tea “ Pohudin” detox complex

Main meals
Potato “Mirres”
Semolina porridge “Semolina” with fruits
Maltese potato with meat
Polenta cooked in a rustic way
Chicken paella
Chocolate pudding
Pasta with Bolognese sauce
Buckwheat on Athens way with cheese

Mediterranean menu contains food of Spanish, Italian and French kitchen with unchanged recipes which puts him on the top offer Leovit products, especially for lovers of real Mediterranean kitchen. This low caloric way of nutrition is known by many as
“Mediterranean diet”, which is in our case enriched with delicious drinks with Complex for burning fats and his strongest formula in structure Leovit cofee for dieting. During ’90 Mediterranean menu became a part of UNESCO cultural heritage of European people, whose recipes support healthy and safe way to perfect shape, easier and longer life. For improvement of Mediterranean menu performance, we recommend MegaSlim vitaminmineral complex with natural burning fats, completed in form of unique capsules for diet support.

Leovit Compote for loosing weight (400gr)

Compote “Pohudin” is recommended for everyone who has decided to lose weight. Longer use develops feeling of fast satiety. Combined use with Kiselj “Detox” gives more pronounced and durable efect. It is especially eficient in cases of obesity.

It has general invigorating anorectic mildly laxative effect with chronic constipation without acutely diarrhea efect, it eases low calories diet. It contributes to gradual weight loose with patients with alimentary constitutional obesity of first and second degree, increases physical form, improves “quality of life” and appearance while using it with diet.
Longer use develops feeling of fast satiety.
Combined use with Kissel “Detox” gives more pronounced and durable effect . Drink is recommended as agent for lowering risks from the alimentary obesity. You can lose 5 kg for 30 days under condition to replace one meal (breakfast or dinner) with diet.
Contain only natural components. Activates process of metabolism and elimination of metabolic products, reduces appetite.
Improves skin quality. With regular use forms feeling of satiety. 

Usage: 2 time per day after lunch and dinner 

Leovit Kissel Detox (400gr)

Kissel is traditional drink and it’s well known a long time ago for his detoxifying and healing effects. It’s located in almost every package of Leovit nutrition for body weight control and his continuous use is
recommended for persons after using diet system for the purpose of
keeping body weight.

Dietary product for elimination of metabolic products from organism.
Accelerates removal of metabolic products.
Owns effect of detoxification or “cleaning”: improves excretion of toxic substances and decreases intoxication.
Helps with decrease of body weight.
Normalize digestion and improves mobility of bowels. 
Positively affects the flow of somatic pathology with indications
of metabolic disorders.
Decreases skin itch.

Usage: Take 2 times per day on empty stomach or instead of lunch or dinner.

Leovit Coffee-Cappuchino for burning fats

Cofee- Cappuccino “For 7 days” wakes up the energy and mood. Great way to control your appetite.
Active natural ingredients prevent forming and lodgement of fats, improve metabolism and decrease appetite.
Everybody can drink cofee for losing weight and be in shape.

Contains natural instant cofee, spices (cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cardamom), L – carnitine, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), inulin, bromelain, extract Garcinia Cambogia, chromium picolinate.

Usage: 1x per day instead of breakfast.

MegaSlim opti mineral vitamin complex with fat burners - Diet booster

2x included in this package

30 capsules each 0,5g per 15 days of support diets with all natural fat burners, vitamins and minerals that are necessary to our body through every diet.

Fit active complex “MegaSlim” is specially elaborated for use with alimentation systems for dieting. His structure combines the most innovating scientific achievement in the field of dietetics and many years of medical experience. It’s produced on contemporary concept of safe and efective weight loss. "MegaSlim" is used as biologically active food supplement- extra source of vitamin B, Pantothenic acid, Folic acid, niacin, biotin, vitamin C and E, such as zinc, selenium, chromium, L - Carnitine and bromelain.

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