Leovit Diet Nutrition Packages

Ultimate Diet Nutrition Experience in 3 Stages


Dieting method in 3 steps with scientific approach of experts defines low caloric healthy food in unique all-in diet under “turnkey” for optional solution of modern life success. Healthy, eficiently and long - lasting. Easy use, fast preparation, balanced meals and portions form right habits in alimentation, control body weight, keep results long – lasting and recover general condition of the organism.

Food and drinks, ready for use, are in packages for diet days 5, 3 and 1, made from controlled organic groceries and produced under inspectorate of state institutions. This unique ofer - replacement of conventional meals decreased energetic and preserved nutritive value change the life style, wrong habits in nutrition and repairs condition of organism. 

Leovit diet is designed with minimal caloric (450 to 1100 kcal per day) and preserved nutritive value of groceries which are in structure of meal prepared according to traditional recipes of international cuisines.

3 Stages of Leovit Diet


Every process of losing weight needs to start with body detoxification. Five-day package of detox diet will clean your organism, speed up your metabolism, your liver, kidneys and digestive system. Persons with 15 plus kilograms may expect average results of approximately
3-6 kilograms less during the stage one.


The next step, active weight loss, represents choice of two kinds of packages of nutrition with Leovit drinks and meals made according to the recipes of European cuisine. Basic menu is universal choice for everyone’s taste and Mediterranean for the most demanding gourmands, it is also a part of UNESCO heritage.


When the results of first and second stage are satisfying, or it’s reached Plato level, you will easily lose more weight with Three days express diet and Fasting day with stabilization and fixation for a long period. They can be used separately as a fast diet afer holidays and big feasts. With stage 3, the skin is more tighten, and eliminates overage afer losing weight.

Leovit Nutrition programs contain all 3 Stages 

Stage 1 is Body Detoxification box. It contains 31 product that covers 5 days of use. Meals in this box are made without spices and salt as they are meant to clean your organism and accelarate your metabolism. Extreamly important to be implemented according to instruction manual. 

Stage 2 is covered with Basic menu and Mediterranean menu boxes. If you purchase 14 days nutrition programme, you can choose one of this two boxes in Stage 2, or use both of them in 19 days programme. In any case, taste of meals and drinks is absolute perfection according to feedback of 99% of our clients. 31 or 61 products in package. Every box is for 5 days of use.

Stage 3 is final stage of our Nutrition programs and it closes your diet as weight stabilization. Skin is more elastic and Plato effect is remowed as in this phase you should get at least -2kg off weight. After diet you can use our Weight maintenance package that is suitable for more than 40 days of use. 

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