Leovit 14 day Mediterranean nutrition programme

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Leovit 14 Day Mediterranean menu nutrition set with 96 products included


1. Body Detoxification programme for 5 days of nutrition (31 products in the box)
2. Mediterranean menu for 5 days of nutrition (30 poducts in the box)
3. Three day Express Diet for 3 days of nutrition (22 products in the box)
4. Fasting Day for 1 day of nutrition (12 products in the box)
5. MegaSlim capsules for fat burn with optimineral complex (30 capsules, 15 days of use)

Supes, stews, main dishes, drinks and sweets included for every day nutrition.
Preparation with boiling water.

Suitable for ones with 5-12kg of excess weight.
Expected results: -3 to -9kg
Benefits: Improved blood image results; Better digestion; Weight normalisation; Insuline normalisation; Nutrient enrichment; Gormone normalisation. (Individual parameters vary for each person.)

Detailed description of products below ↓↓↓


Body Detoxification for 5 days

Program duration: 5 days

Products in package: 31 pieces
Average weight loss: -3,4 kg per week (according to clinic tests)
Weight loss results of our users: 5 kg in 80% of cases (for persons with 10 kg overage at the beginning of program)

Note: Some meals are not as delicious as meals in Stage 2. We advise users not to avoid them because of their useful features and key functions for further course of diet. (It is allowed to add a small doze of citrus for a better taste)

Menu in this programme:


Beet chorba

Soup with nettle and spinach “Detox”

Main meals and meals for breakfast

Oatmeal “Apple and beet”

Buckwheat porridge “Vegetables and herbs”
Apricot with vitamins and micro-elements”

Hot chocolate with collagen

Tea “Pohudin” (Detox complex)

Kissel “Detox”

Kissel “For liver”

Kissel “For kidneys”


Fruit bar “Detox complex”

According to experts advices, losing weight should start with stage 1, body detoxification. Users have rate Leovit stage 1 as the most useful diet and they have noticed easiness in daily routine, lighter and more peaceful sleep, facilitated mental functions, and they are using it twice a year or more. Average losing weight during stage 1 is -3.4 kg, while depending on individual overage of body weight, you can lose even more weight. Package is used for five full days and it contains all meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. During this program of five days it comes to speeding up your metabolism, cleaning you liver kidneys and digestive system. With elimination of metabolic products and toxins, gastrointestinal tract is functioning more normal and it is achieved balance and maximal functionality of organism. Excretion of overage fluids in natural order is increased, and with persons with chronic conditions it is decreased or totally excluded use of diuretic medicaments.

Mediterranean menu for 5 days

Program duration: 5 days
Products in package: 30 pieces
Average weight loss: about 4kg per week (according to Russian clinical research)
Weight loss results of our users: 3-6 kg per 5 days, better results are achieved with
MegaSlim capsules for diet support
Qualities: The most efficient menu of Stage 2 with food of Spanish, Italian and French kitchen!

Menu in this programme:

Soups and chorbas
Chicken cream soup
Italian mushrooms soup
Mushroom cream soup
Soup with white onion on Madrid way
Tomatoes cream soup on Tuscan way

Kissel Detox
Cappuccino “Cofee for weight loss” (fat burning
Tea “ Pohudin” detox complex

Main meals
Potato “Mirres”
Semolina porridge “Semolina” with fruits
Maltese potato with meat
Polenta cooked in a rustic way
Chicken paella
Chocolate pudding
Pasta with Bolognese sauce
Buckwheat on Athens way with cheese

Mediterranean menu contains food of Spanish, Italian and French kitchen with unchanged recipes which puts him on the top offer Leovit products, especially for lovers of real Mediterranean kitchen. This low caloric way of nutrition is known by many as
“Mediterranean diet”, which is in our case enriched with delicious drinks with Complex for burning fats and his strongest formula in structure Leovit cofee for dieting. During ’90 Mediterranean menu became a part of UNESCO cultural heritage of European people, whose recipes support healthy and safe way to perfect shape, easier and longer life. For improvement of Mediterranean menu performance, we recommend MegaSlim vitaminmineral complex with natural burning fats, completed in form of unique capsules for diet support.

Three-Day Express Diet for 3 days

Program duration: 3 days
Products in package: 22 pieces
Average weight loss: around 1-3 kg
Weight loss results of our users: 2-3 kg for three days or 3 kg if used in combination with the "Fasting day"
Qualities: Breaking "Plateau" efect, weight stabilization, revitalization and normalization of skin with tightening efect, eliminating excess skin caused afer weight gain, detoxification features

Menu in this programme:

Soup with nettle and spinach "Detox"

Oatmeal "Peach with vitamins and microelements"
Oatmeal "Strawberry and skimmed milk with vitamins and microelements"
Oatmeal "Blueberry and skimmed milk with vitamins and microelements"

Kissel Detox
Tea “ Pohudin” (Complex for burning fats)
Hot chocolate with collagen

Fruit bars, Complex for burning fats
Fruit bars, Detox complex

Original three-day program of low-calorie balanced nutrition for those who control their
weight. Wonderful option of light relief for organism afer copious feasts and "All inclusive" holidays, when the "easy come-easy go" efect is needed. In the morning we fight with appetite, during the day - fat deposits, in the evening we "cleanse" the organism. It can be eficient with "Plato" efect when the weight stabilizes at some level and basic diet stops "working". This program can also be used individually, but its function shows the best results in combination with one-day program the "Fasting day", whit which it makes Stage 3 - Weight stabilization, memorizing the results of weight loss achieved during Stages 1 and 2.

Fasting Day for 1 day of use

Program duration: 1 day
Products in package: 11 pieces
Average weight loss: Body relief and stabilization of body weight
Weight loss results of our users: “Fasting day” is used as a final package for closing of diet programme. It shows best results agregated with Three-Day Express diet.
Qualities: Perforation of “plato” efect, stabilization of body weight, detoxifies and clears fast body afer excessive food entry, can beused as fast diet before important event.

Menu in this programme:

Soup with nettle and Spaniard “Detox” 

Kissel Detox
Compote “Pohudin”
Tea “Pohudin” Detox complex
Tea “Pohudin” Complex for burning fats

Fruit bar “Detox complex”

Main components contribute to elimination of accumulated metabolic products,
stimulation of metabolic process and burning fat. Simple menu reduces the load on digestive tract. It’s recommended to people who check their body weight (maintain shape) and helps overcoming the “plato” efect. Usually is used with Three-Day Express diet as final Stage 3 – Stabilization of body weight. Regular fasting days gives us the possibility to improve our health and life quality due to organism “cleaning”. All the systems for the secretions during “fasting” days are focused on maximum removal of products of his vital functions from our body including excess fluid. Physiological volume of gizzard is reduced by using “fasting day” which decreases appetite naturally and accelerates satiety.

MegaSlim opti mineral vitamin complex with fat burners - Diet booster

30 capsules each 0,5g per 15 days of support diets with all
natural fat burners, vitamins and minerals that are necessary
to our body through every diet.

Fit active complex “MegaSlim” is specially elaborated for use with alimentation systems for dieting. His structure combines the most innovating scientific achievement in the field of dietetics and many years of medical experience. It’s produced on contemporary concept of safe and efective weight loss. "MegaSlim" is used as biologically active food supplement- extra source of vitamin B, Pantothenic acid, Folic acid, niacin, biotin, vitamin C and E, such as zinc, selenium, chromium, L - Carnitine and bromelain.

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